Women In Boating Poll Reveals Surprising Info

MadMariner.com conducted an interesting poll which highlights the roll of boating for women. Boating has traditionally been looked on as primarily a sport for men, although we know that there are plenty of female enthusiasts also. This poll shows that things haven’t changed a whole lot in some areas. For example, a sampling of couples […]

Do Polls Manipulate Public Opinion?

Most people recognize a poll as a sample of how people in the population at large think about a certain issue, but is there more to it than that? Often, seeing a poll may very well change our opinion on a subject. For example, if you see a poll that suggests a large majority supports […]

The Science Of Public Opinion Polls

How do public opinion polls work? You might think that pollsters simply call and contact as many people as possible to find out what they think about a particular issue, but that is not the case at all. When conducting a poll, the polling company selects a small random sample of the population it is […]