Women In Boating Poll Reveals Surprising Info

MadMariner.com conducted an interesting poll which highlights the roll of boating for women. Boating has traditionally been looked on as primarily a sport for men, although we know that there are plenty of female enthusiasts also. This poll shows that things haven’t changed a whole lot in some areas.

For example, a sampling of couples were asked if the boat belongs to them or their spouse. More than 90% of the men responded that the boat belonged to them. Only about 40% of women responded that the boat belongs to them. Wait a minute! Add those together and you get 130%! Apparently a significant number of couples haven’t decided to whom the boat belongs! Maybe both?

One interesting question about who does what chores on the boat found that work on board is fairly evenly split, which seems fair. 60% of both sexes said they were the primary driver. Again, 120%?

The poll found that men primarily want to be at the helm while women want to be on the sun deck. Who controls the marine stereo or waterproof media player on board? Perhaps we will have to wait for another poll for the answer to that question!

Lastly, was a question about who are the better boat drivers, men or women? That seems like a loaded question worthy of debate. Check out the poll results and the video above for the full story!